How It Works

What is CryptoTraffic Network!

At CryptoTraffic Network, our mission is to provide effective and low cost advertising solutions while creating a sustainable business opportunity platform for our members. But let's be honest, people mostly come online to make money !

Hence, we have created an effective solution that will help connect advertisers with our ever growing crypto and bitcoin enthusiastic members who are looking for a better way to make money online.

To Our Advertisers : We have developed a global cryptocurrency advertising solutions with multiple, effective advertising methods to websites owners and brands that are looking for better ways to reach out to the crypto community & Bitcoin enthusiasts around the world.

To Our Members : Crypto Traffic Network provides a myriad of opportunities to make money online. There is a passive revenue sharing program that allows you to earn a share of the profits generated from our crypto currency trading activies and also by the sales of advertising CryptoTraffic networks generates as long as you are an active user.

You can click and view our advertiser PTC Ads and earn awesome amount per Ad click and you can also earn a whole 50% of your referral earnings on every Ad your referrals clicked on.

When our advertisers send you promotional messages to annouce their products and services, you will receive monetary rewards for opening and reading and viewing these annoucement messages.

There is also the possibility to earn direct and indirect sales commissions by making referrals. You can earn Referral commission from a whole lots of services we provide: You Earn referral commissions from: Traffic Nodes purchases, Premium Upgrades, Traffic Token Purchases , PTC Ads purchases , referral clicks and more!

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How The Revenue Sharing System Works!

Crypto Traffic Network is a reputable advertising company that shares 100% of its profits exclusively with its members. As a member you become elegible to share in the profits generated from the sales of our advertising that CryptoTraffic networks generates as long as you are an active user with at least an active Traffic Node.

Each Node cost $10.00 and comes with 1,000 Traffic Tokens that you can use to promote your other websites and banners in the Crypto Traffic community. With each Traffic Node you own, you can earn up a legitimate 0.50% to 5% Daily on your traffic Node purchases .

However, if you validate your Nodes by viewing 5 ads in the traffic exchange daily you will earn an extra 10% on your daily revenue share daily. It's important to know that each of your Nodes earns $30.00 upon maturity.

Each Traffic Node you own earns you a Revenue Sharing Position (RSP) with Crypto Traffic Network. You can own unlimited number of Nodes. The more Nodes you own in the network , the higher your earning potentials

Rebates from Traffic Nodes are paid daily. Because of this, many people choose to repurchase with their profit share earnings into more Traffic Nodes so they can leverage the power of compound interest. The more you repurchase, the more Traffic Nodes you own and the more profits you can generate daily.

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Join the heroes of the cryptocurrency advertising revolution...

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